My name is Tinuke, I originally wanted to create a blog that focused solely on Love and Relationships but later decided I did not want to limit myself to just that, as there is so much to talk about. TinzRant was the perfect name for this blog  as I plan to use this platform to share my views and experiences , explore different topics and also get others views on various topics.  I want this blog to reflect me as a person and for readers to get a better perspective of who I am, so I will be talking about everything through this blog and also Vlogs occasionally


10 facts about me

  1. Name- Tinuke
  2. Nickname- Tin/TinTin
  3. Star sign- Aries♈️
  4. Area of study- Media and cultural studies graduate🎓
  5. Favourite film- Love and basketball❤️🏀
  6. favourite food- Dim Sum or anything seafood🍤
  7. Favourite Quote- Slow and Steady wins the race🐌🏁
  8. Ethnic Origin – Nigeria
  9. Favourite genre of music- Anything I can dance to🎶
  10. Hobbies- Exploring and Traveling ✈️

33 thoughts on “Aboutme

  1. Gameplan Happily Ever After says:

    Heylow Tinuke 🙂 Being a fan of love and relationship posts myself I loved the articles in your blog and am obviously going to follow you 😀 Thanks for the follow for my blog and I hope you stay a little longer there and go through my posts in that section when you have time 🙂 Would love to know your feedback.

    P.S.- I LOVE your hair coloring. I would not have the guts to try something bold like that but I absolutely adore it on you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Buki Alamu says:

    It’s always interesting to meet fellow Nigeria bloggers who aren’t the usual new bloggers or most gossip blogs out there. I appreciate a good write up and a true heart. I’m enjoying some of your posts already. You’ll be seeing my comments soon. Thanks for inviting me to your page

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Marni_Faith says:

    New Follower Here 😁
    Just Finished Reading Your Lastest Post On ‘How Much The Engagement Ring Should Cost’, Definitely A Well Structured Perspective & Altogether A Lovely Read x Marni_Faith x

    Liked by 1 person

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