If i am putting on loads of weight, i want my partner to tell me….what about you??

​​I have been seeing a lot of debates lately on the topic of ones other half being afraid to tell them if they feel they are putting on weight. The most popular reason for this being the fear that their partner will take it in the wrong way, therefore this topic is often perceived as some what of a taboo subject. 

Some would rather their partner just tell them how good they look regardless of weight gain and how much they adore them whilst others would like to hear the truth…which would you prefer?

Okay, so hearing the words “babe you have put on weight” is not the most exciting thing to hear. Reality is the majority of us myself included would take it negatively and not constructively. This is where the term “it’s notthe what you say it its how you say it” comes in to play.

If you are genuinely concerned about your partners weight you need to approach the topic sensitively and politely. Ensure you let them know you love them and are still attracted to them, because they need to know this. At this stage paranoia may start to kick in and all sorts of thoughts may be going through their brains like does he/she still want me, this is time to reassure them.

Let them know that you are just thinking of theirbest interest and are willing to both encourage and join them in any necessary steps to loseweight or live a healthier lifestyle. Wether it be joining the gym together or cooking healthier meals together.

 Moreover you need to always bear in mind that as much as you try tomotivate them, you should not pressure or force your view on them. They need to want to lose weight and ultimately the motivation can only come from them.

Personally I would like my other half to tell me straight if I am piling on the pounds and I woulddefinitely tell him if I thought the same in regards to his weight. I as an individual would rather someone who loves and cares about me brings it to my attention of course in a caringway.

If I am putting on weight I definitely know it,but have probably put it off. However hearing it from someone so close,may be the kick in thebutt I need. I for one and I am sure I am not alone spend so much time asking my boyfriend, “babe have I put on weight?” So should I ever besurprised if I hear the words YES, if I genuinely have put on weight, or should he lie to me and spare my feelings. 

I go with honesty. Don’t get me wrong the words YES might, well definitelymake me feel s*** but at least I know he kept it real with me.

Just like everything there is a way to address an issue such as this. There is a nice and concerned way to tell your partner “babe I think you’re putting on a bit of weight, and I just wanted to be honest with you” and then there’sa very insensitive way to address it such as  making jibes at his/her weight gain during an argument, that just aint cool.

To close as long as you know your partner is not saying it in a malicious way it should not cause lasting issues in the relationship.That is not to say that you wont be upset hearing the words, but maybe try to think past the negative and think of the positive. What I do strongly believe is that you should never mock or use it as low blow during a disagreement as that is when it will become a very big issue. 

If you love someone you would not use something such as there weight as something to use against them you will instead support them and help them in any way they need to be helped, be their support system and always remember honesty is the best policy!!

Thanks for reading, I would love to know your views on this topic…comment below

13 thoughts on “If i am putting on loads of weight, i want my partner to tell me….what about you??

  1. adminesque says:

    I think it’s important to know what both partners care about. Some people might not care enough to notice or comment on the weight gain until it’s super noticeable.

    Also they should take factors into consideration – if you can understand why the person is putting on weight, then is there need to say something?

    I think it’s nice also to include them when one partner is displaying good habits – so sitting down to a healthy dinner – making a picnic lunch on a nice day – going for a romantic walk. If you’re just a person who doesn’t put on weight easily, and the partner is pointing out weight loss while eating like trash – then It would be hard to take the partner seriously.

    Great article! xx

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    • Shian says:

      I believe honesty is not always the best policy. I believe that people say they are just being honest to make themselves feel better for being rude. if a woman asks if she is gaining weight, lie, tell her you love her so you do not see anything wrong with her. If you do see something wrong with the weight I would tell my man “do not let the door hit you on your way out”

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  2. Fit Fresh and Fabulous says:

    Hmm this is a tough one. I tend to gt upset when people tell me they think I’ve put on weight, but it also makes me motivated to go ahead and try to loose it. So, overall, I think it is beneficial to be told that you look like you’ve put on weight, but maybe in a very nice way. Like, “Hey, I noticed you may have put on some weight. Is something bothering you that made you gain it?”

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  3. Pinkspen says:

    I think that if you have a friendship in your relationship, then you can listen to your partners opinion about your weight and how you look. The truth is, if you are not confident or insecure, you will take offense no matter what they say and how you say it. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

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