3months till goal weight! Unrealistic or doable?

So i havent stepped foot in the gym since April, for no reason other than i became lazy and could not be bothered quite frankly. I am a person that believes in order to go the gym i need to be fully focused and motivated and i was neither of the two so i decided at the time to terminate my membership.

However its a new year, i have decided to restart my membership and smash some of my personal fitness goals. My birthday is in April which is 3 months away, sounds so near  and maybe unrealistic but thats when i plan to reach my goal body. 

So i am quite happy with my body, but just like most people i have flaws that i would like to work on and tone.i would like to tighten up my stomach and other areas. My main problem area is fat around my hips/sides/waist or as some like to refer to is as “love handles”. They are not extreme but could definetly do with some attention. I also want to get my body fat down to what it was early last year ,which was 20%-22%. As of now its 32.5%.

Current weight, bmi,bodyfat and body fat mass pictured just below.


  • To turn fat into muscle
  • slim down my waist and hips
  • Get body fat down to 20-25%
  • I am not trying to loose weight simply tone and build muscle…so my goal weight is 11 stones…of course of muscle and  not fat)
  • Tone glutes


In the last couple of months its been juice or fizzy drinks which i plan to now cut out. I plan to drink strictly water or smoothies for the next three months. of course if its a special occasion i may have a cheeky alcoholic beverage or two lol.


I am so excited to start drinking smoothies mainly because i can pick and choose exactly what goes inside it. I happened to walk into Wilko also known as wilkinsons and found this blender at a bargain price of £10.i love the colour and the fact it comes with two drinking bottles.


I plan to incorperate a different fitness class a week into my routine. I plan to switch it up so i may try an aerobics class one week and a legs,bums and tums the next. I will do this simply so i enjoy the process and at the same time get to try something new.

Junk food

I eat way to much junk food mainly crisp and sugary sweets. I am totally in love with the bubblegum flavoured cola bottles, once i eat one all self contol goes out the window. During these 3 months i will eat limited snacks by this i mean criso or buscuits twice a week. I plan to cut sweets out xompletly during this time.

Take aways

okay everyone who knows me knows i love a cheeky nandos lol and i definetly dont think i can go without it for 3months and i have know intentions of doing so neither. However i do plan to cut down on take aways and limit them to social nights with friends/family/date nights with other half. I will not order food when i am feeling lazy to cook insted i will a cook a high protein, low carb dinner.

I am doing this strictly for me !! I will post progress pictures at the end of every month.

16 thoughts on “3months till goal weight! Unrealistic or doable?

  1. ladyinthemountains says:

    First of all you can do it. I have lost almost two inches in my waist in the last 9 months. Maybe more. Didn’t measure until about four months ago. One thing that has really helped is planks- side, back, an normal. I also do not need to lose weight but want to firm up and be stronger. I do push ups almost daily now.

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    • TinzRant says:

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words…and congrats on loosing 2 inches+ of yur waist thats amazing. Thanks for thw recomedations i will definetly be incorperating plans to my workout. X


  2. Eliza says:

    Go for it girlie!!! Just have fun when you work out!!!
    I don’t know if you’ve heard of Fitness Blender but that’s the fitness site I use. http://www.fitnessblender.com
    They’ve got a ton of Youtube videos you can use for free, for all fitness levels. The trainers (a married couple) are so fun and genuine and real!!! Also you can work out at home. So if you get stuck I highly recommend them. They also have work-out programs and meal plans you can buy on their website (but you don’t have to). Also they NEVER send spams or emails!!!

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