Christmas special(The perfect gift)

Christmas is 2 weeks away and I’m just sitting hear like where the hell did this year go, like seriously?! 

So bearing in mind the festive day is fast approaching I decided to write a blog post in relation to gifts and how to pick the perfect gift for your other half/someone your dating.

Gift giving has become quite a huge aspect of Christmas and one that many put a lot of time and effort into. It also stresses quite a few people out in regards to what to buy a particular person. So I have written a short guide and what to bear in mind when choosing that “perfect gift”


I am sure this sounds cliche and I’m sure you have heard it before but it’s not the price of the gift it’s the thought and effort that counts. I mean you can stretch the boat out a bit I just mean try not to over do it.

Many people save and save even do extra time in order to afford the priciest gift. News flash the person may not even like it. Don’t let price be the driving force when choosing a gift. Maybe even try inexpensive and thoughtful.

Duration of relationship

I’m sure the length of time you have been in a relationship or have been dating someone is a factor when choosing a gift. If you have been with someone for a short time I would say there is no harm in buying them a gift, nothing too big that scares them off though. 
Obviously in a longer relationship you would have established there likes and dislikes which may make it easier when choosing something.

Pay attention

Throughout the relationship you should be able to get a feel for what your other half likes. There sizing and the colours that most appeal to them. You should be able to go into a shop and think wow so and so will like this outfit is up their street. 
This time of the year can show how much attention you have been paying. Of course if this is a short term relationship it may be difficult to know. 


This sub title is very much self explanatory do not leave it to the last day to buy a gift. Don’t find yourself having to buy the last toiletry gift set on the pharmacy shelf. I know it’s the thought that counts but some sort of effort needs to be made or maybe just don’t buy a gift at all. There is plenty of days in the year to purchase this gift and the 24th December is not it.

Gift ideas

I was previously going to do a list of recommended gifts for him and her but I chose not to based on the fact that I thought my ideas may be biased and lean towards gifts I think my partner would like.

Only you know your partner and what they like so my list is likely to be of no significance and also defeats the purpose of this post which is to encourage you to put a lot of thought into the gift.

Im sure most of you have already bought your partner a gift and I’m sure it’s fab. If you haven’t yet then get to it 🙂 Remember not to over do it just go for something you know they will both love and appreciate.

Thank you for reading. I would love to know some of gifts you have bought in the past, are planning to buy or have already bought. Comment below please 🙂

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