Love VS Personality

We have all heard the famous saying “personality stays and looks fade” but do individuals really look that far ahead when they first meet a person or want to get to know them further or is looks solely all their thinking about at this point.

This debate has been going on for a long time with many differences of opinions. I believe looks plays the biggest role on first impression, whereas personality plays an important role in the deciding stages of the relationship for e.g. deciding whether a person will be a long term partner. Let’s look at this topic further.

Looks are definitely an important factor to a large amount of people, most that say different are probably lying. A person’s physical appearance is what attracts you to them in the first instance as shallow as it may sound. When being approached or doing the approaching, looks and only looks is what draws you to the person because at this point you know nothing about this person in regards to their personality. 

Unless of course you already know the person for e.g you were previously friends. In that circumstance you will be able to base it on more than looks.

beauty meme

Upon researching this topic I read that quite a few people claimed that what a person looks like does not matter to them at all and it’s all down to the individual’s personality, which I would disagree with. You have to find something attractive about that person on first glance to even want to engage in a conversation with them or exchange numbers.

Moreover, personality is equally as important, I just believe it comes secondary on first meeting because you do not get to know that side of the person until further down the line. However at the settling down stage personality over rides looks, you can find someone so attractive but a bad personality, slowly but surely will make that person appear less attractive. There are different personality traits that can put a person right off. In regards to me and I’m sure I am not alone ARROGANCE, COCKINESS AND RUDENESS are examples of what will instantly make an individual unattractive unless you like those attributes in your other half that is.

To conclude Looks and personality both play important roles but maybe just at different stages in the relationship. Sexual attraction which I didn’t really touch on in this post to me comes hand in hand with physical attraction.To refer back to the quote “Looks fade personality stays” do I agree with it? To an extent yes because a persons looks in the long run may not be as good as they once were. On the other hand I believe that personality may stay but it also may not, peoples personality and overall character does sometimes change and they are not who they were when you first began your relationship with them. So basically looks and personality can both change in my overall opinion.

makes personality ugly

I would love to know your opinion on this topic. What is more important to you? Looks or personality?

35 thoughts on “Love VS Personality

  1. mz4rlcg says:

    I like this topic and have hit on it to a degree myself. I believe as a person matures they see beyond the physical. I think it’s matters to an extinct but not as much. As people age and mature they realize the glue in relationships isn’t looks, it takes much more than that to keep a relationship together. I think the thought comes with age, experience, and maturity.

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  2. geminilvr says:

    Great post. I think in the age of online dating the visual matters a lot, but personally I also think a funny profile works better to attract me. When I meet someone I have to like the way they look too but, at least like their photos, but if they can keep me laughing, and we hit it off conversationally that is what really matters. Smart is so very sexy as is a sense of humor, thrown in with decent looks and that is a winning combination, at least for me.

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  3. Shandean™ says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. People always want to appear politically correct and these people, their opinions never interest me. If you just met a person, absolutely it’s all about that physical appearance. The only time I think personality comes first is if you’ve known the person a while and become attracted to their personality. THEN the physical is secondary at the initial stage.

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    • TinzRant says:

      Agree with you totally a ugly personality certainly does kill the attraction. Thanks for sharing your view on this and one of the traits that Irritate you. That’s one that would irritate me too!!


  4. Tramaine Teo says:

    Totally agree! Too many people are caught up in the lust and desire that exists initially and forget all about what lies in their hearts. I truly believe media has a large role to play in this…they play up romances and lead us to believe “love at first sight” (literally) is all that it needs.

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  5. Stephanie J. says:

    To be quite honest, my boyfriend now was not someone who I would’ve considered at the time to be “my type.” But the more that I hung out with him and got to know him, the more I liked him. I’m glad I gave him a chance. The best relationship I’ve been in.

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  6. Eliza says:

    I agree with this post. I generally only approach guys, and try to get to know them well, if I feel physically attracted to them. Which does sound a little lame and shallow, but that is just how I work. I also realise that looks definitely aren’t everything (thanks to experience!!) but for me, it’s physical attraction that’s gonna make me take the first step to know a guy!

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    • TinzRant says:

      Thanks so much for sharing much appreciated . Your not alone I think it’s the way most of us work , our initial attraction to someone in the first instance is what basically leads to us giving them the time of day and then getting to know their personality/character.

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  7. ItsMeSadee says:

    Love this post and I’d have to agree!! Upon meeting someone for the first time it’s all about looks, from a far you may look great but as soon as you open your mouth those looks can fade…For me a funny and loving person wins over a good looking person any day (they do have to have something about them though!)

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  8. idarathedreamer says:

    I agree. Looks matter to an extent. But definitely depends on the type of person they are. Starting to find there are more things about a persons character that I find attractive even more than just a pretty face. Like someone who can make me laugh etc

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  9. Tamara Kulish says:

    I tend to disagree with you, because I like talking to many people and meeting new people! Do I only talk to attractive men in my age range who I’d like to date? No!

    I talk with everyone! After talking with a person you get a feel of who they are, male or female. That generally tends to help decide if I want to keep talking to them because I find them interesting and want to know more, or do I find the conversation off putting and I wish to move onto the next person in the room?

    I like going to casual get togethers, art shows, community events etc.

    My second husband was much older than me and I didn’t find him attractive. Instead I was drawn to his personality, his charm and his cuteness!

    To each his own!! Lol!

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  10. shunnom says:

    I can remember falling for a lady I wouldn’t ask for her name if I were to depend on looks. The mind is beautiful and charming. Love is just a mystery. When caught up in the web , you cannot explain how you got involved in the first place . Nevertheless most people who planned dating gets attracted to what appeals their eyes first before personality comes to play. It may be the colour of eyes, perfect dentition, dimples, smile or shape of the body it may not necessary be facial beauty but something that attracts. I will wait all I can to find a pretty face with a personality I can accept than to do with personality without physical attraction.

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