I have noticed that most of my previous post have focused on the theme of relationships. This is because the topics related to this really interest me and I love to hear other people’s perspectives. However, this post is about my recent trip abroad. 

I have not posted in a while which I apologise for, this is mainly due to the fact that I was in Atlanta Georgia and found myself jet lagged for quite a few days after. This wasn’t a planned trip it was in fact booked as a gift from a friend, amazing right. 

So who watches The real house wives of Atlanta or Love and hip hop Atlanta? I certainly do. This made me more excited to be visiting the country. The locations and atmosphere they show and portray in the different scenes had me buzzing to get their. 
I landed in Atlanta on the 2/6/2016, after approximately a 12 hour flight.(the longest flight I have ever been on). The first thing me and my friend done was check in to our hotel and drop our suitcases to the room. We wasted no time after that and instantly went to grab some fried chicken.( I love food)
We met various locals that evening who were intrigued by our British accents. A common phrase we found with most people we met was, “can you say that again”. It amazed me how much they love our accents over there as I feel the same about theirs.
The 6 days in Atlanta were fun but I must admit, it was really hard adjusting to the time difference. We found ourselves going bed at 8pm their time on some nights and waking up at around 2am. 

The food was the best part for me, I’m sure I put on a few pounds during my visit. One negative about the food was that their portions are on the large size compared to what I’m used to, and did get sickening after a few days of indulging in it. 

(Ihop one of my favourite meals)

There were also different activities to do during the day such as Coca Cola museum and the Aquarium which we didn’t get the chance to visit. We did however get to visit The Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site and Preservation District which showed different aspects of the Legends life, such as the carriage were he’s body was carried in on the day of his funeral and the house were he used to live. 

Another great thing about the museum is it was cost free. I was unable to capture images as my battery unfortunately died after 5minutes of arriving there.

On the other hand, what did I least enjoy about Atlanta. The fact that the locals Installed so much fear in us in regards to the different areas made us quite anxious, it stopped us from wanting to branch out of the location in which we was staying in. Also being in a group of two also played a part in us not wanting to go too far out from our hotel. Whereas if we was with more people we may have felt more confident.
Moreover, I had so much expectations of Atlanta based on the reality shows I had watched previously. I believe that if I went in without these expectations my experience may have been quite different. I did learn from this experience, that one should not base facts on what is seen on TV.
Overall It was great to visit Atlanta as it was my first time visiting America as a whole. I love traveling and experiencing different countries. The people I crossed paths with whilst in Atlanta such as the waitresses in the restaurants and the hotels were so polite. I must say I have never experienced customer service at such a high standard in my life. So thank you for making us feel welcome. 

22 thoughts on “ATLANTA 

  1. paininzeeback says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Atlanta for the most part. That customer service thing you spoke of at the end – we call that “Southern Hospitality”. I was born in Atlanta and raised 40 miles north of there. I also lived in Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire as a young child. I love England and miss it tremendously. My life felt perfect when I lived there!


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    • TinzRant says:

      “Southern hospitality” I have learned something new today thank you, it was amazing how polite they all are. Ohh that’s great so you have the best of both life’s in regards to living in Atlanta and the U.K. You should come back one day 🙂

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      • paininzeeback says:

        I would love to come back. I haven’t been there in 33 years. Of course, I miss Italy as well. Florence is my first love. Of course, I miss a lifestyle that probably no longer exists. Several days a week I would ride my bike down to the shops to pick up stuff for my Nana and she would usually give me three pence so I could get some candy. I miss scones like you wouldn’t believe!!! Okay, so Florence and Bishop’s Stortford are in a tie right now! Lol. I have so many fond memories of both places. Perhaps someday, one of us will make it back across the pond and we may get to meet.


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  2. truejoy1986 says:

    Seeing the USA from the perspective of a tourist is so VERY interesting to me! Being a native, there are many things that I don’t even think about in daily life. Thank you for sharing about your trip! I hope you get a chance to come back to the USA and visit even more areas of the country. It is so vast, and regions differ so greatly!

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  3. jzpowell93 says:

    Aaaah I’m from Atlanta!! I’m SO happy you enjoyed your time there 🙂 and yes, we do love your accents! ❤ ours aren't anything special though lol

    I'm sorry that people scared you away from visiting other places, but even for me having lived there for most of my life I get cautioned to stay out of certain areas by friends and family who know those parts of town better than I do. There are places I would never venture alone just because it's likely not safe. But I know it's frustrating! You want to venture out but now you're worried at what might happen 😦

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  4. Brielle Marie says:

    I think one of my favorite things about living in the south is how friendly people are. In some small towns people just sit on there porches and wave at people driving by. I never really noticed how big the food portions are, but I guess I do tend to need a to-go box. People watching in Atlanta is pretty fun, you get to see some interesting things! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!

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  5. tanyaG says:

    I know this is late comment but I just came across your post. My husband I own a small convenience store a shirt distance from King Center. You may have seen a bright yellow bike outside the store. Bigmouthben Convenience Store. I’m happy to hear you had a good time and hope the next time you are in ATL you can stop by. We often hear ppl say they are told not to venture too far which make ppl not visit local stores past the ATL Streetcar.

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