What is Love
According to the old English dictionary “Love is a strong feeling of affection”. However in the 21st century people’s views of what they believe love is differs from one person to another.


Is there a right time to tell your partner you love them

Everyone falls in love at different stages. If there was a fixed time in which to fall in love it wouldn’t be such a unique experience. My personal opinion is NO there is not a right time to tell your partner you love them, only you know when that time is.

People often reach a point were they believe they are ready to say ‘ I Love You’ but are often scared to say it first or fear the other person will not say it back which is understandable.

However what one should consider is firstly, the other person may also want to say I Love You but our fearful like yourself that you may not feel the same. Secondly, in regards to fear of ones partner not saying it back,although it would be disheartening remember again that people love and feel things at different times.

One needs to also understand that it is better a partner does not say ‘I Love You too’ just to make you happy, and that they actually say it at a time were they genuinely mean it.

I honestly cannot remember who said I love you first in terms of my relationship. I just know that at one point we both said it. However I can say that I realised I loved him way before I actually decided to express it to him. This was mainly due to the fact that I wanted to be absolutely sure I meant what I was saying. Love for me is so meaningful and not a word that should be used loosely.

What is love/ how do you know your in love 
This is a question many ask, and I could not possibly answer that question as many people have different perceptions of what they believe love is. Personally for me love is UNCONDITIONAL,loving a partner regardless of their flaws and helping to build them up always. Love is also considering a partners feelings in all you do.

That is just a brief insight into my views on love, the list could go on but I would love to know your views on love ❤️

18 thoughts on “L❤️VE

  1. deborahadigun says:

    Great read. I actually saw a post on Facebook the other day that said “Love is not what you say. Love is what you do.” I thought that was so relevant to your blog post, as words mean nothing if your actions contradict. That’s why actions are so much more important than words, but it is also nice (and necessary for some) to receive verbal affirmation of your partners love for you.


  2. Lady from Manila says:

    Wise girl you are.
    I’ll have to add this words of wisdom from Greg Behrendt’s famous book: “Let the guy make the first move. Always. That is, if the girl really hopes to be taken seriously by the one she loves.”
    Well, I’ll have to agree. I think it makes a lot of sense.

    Cheers, young lady.

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  3. mikesteeden says:

    ‘A strong feeling of affection’ sums up the subject matter. That it may manifest itself in say, an old lady taking in stray cats…whatever, it is all-embracing and a better cause to follow than any religion I’ve come across thus far in my 110 years!

    Liked by 1 person

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